Your Needs Are Unique
The needs of every team and its leaders are unique. Countless factors can determine your training and coaching needs at any time, including:
  • The clarity of the team’s mission and goals
  • The business strategy of the company
  • The nature of changes occurring in the company
  • The stage of a project in which the team is engaged
  • The level of skill development of the team members
  • The specific challenges facing the leaders

To ensure a strong return on investment, Susan believes in an alternative to the “one size fits all” training for teams and leaders.

Susan begins with developing a clear understanding of the priorities, needs, and values of the company in order to recommend both the training and coaching which will provide the greatest benefit.

Coaching Enhances Training
Research shows that for sustained results from training, three steps are critical: 
  1. Practicing new skills during the training
  2. Practicing new skills after the training
  3. Post-training coaching to support skill development
Susan custom designs programs of training combined with coaching which are focused on the unique needs of the specific team. This ensures that the maximum benefit is obtained for the time and money invested by the organization.

Program Possibilities
Your program could provide any combination of the following:

  • Develop clear team goals
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower workplace stress
  • Reach project goals with greater ease
  • Improve teamwork and collegiality
  • Support organizational change
  • Develop skills in communication and support
  • Shift the focus from worry and blame to action and support
  • Develop leadership
  • Sustain action toward fulfillment of your mission
A coach helps a team see what’s most important so everyone can take action to build the team and achieve the results they long for.

By partnering with an effective coach for coaching and training, team members develop skills and take action to have a more productive, meaningful, and successful business.

With the support of a skilled coach, you and your organization can make your greatest contributions ever.