Why Would An Executive or Professional Hire a Coach?

Your needs as an executive or professional determine whether coaching might be right for you. The time may be right for you to invest in the support of a coach to:
  • Achieve clarity about the direction of your career                                                                        For more information on how Coach Koenig
  • Lower your stress at work and at home                                                                                          can help your business team, learn more here.
  • Reach your business and professional goals with more ease                                                         
  • Strengthen professional and personal relationships
  • Promote positive change within your organization
  • Strengthen skills in effective communication
  • Develop further as a powerful leader
  • Stay in action toward fulfillment of your mission
  • Avoid or recover from burn out
  • Increase enjoyment

How is Executive Coaching Different from Consulting or Therapy?

Coaching focuses more on how you live your life each day rather than on your past or psychology. It supports you to take action now. Coaching is support to move forward, notwithstanding your past experience, fears, obstacles or uncertainty.

A coach is not an expert in your field. Rather, a coach empowers you to use the knowledge and experience you already possess and to enlist the support of other experts when appropriate.

A coach challenges you, motivates you, and helps you hold yourself accountable for the life you want, giving you complete support along the way. Coaching for executives and professionals is simultaneously rigorous and supportive.

How Long Does the Coaching Last and What is the Cost?

Every executive and professional has unique coaching needs. Your needs and goals will guide the nature of the terms of the coaching agreement. A written agreement will clarify who will be coached, the coaching services to be provided, the time, location and payment terms.

How Can Coaching Make a Difference in My Life?

Through professional coaching, you can achieve extraordinary clarity about the direction of your life. You will receive support for taking the action to reach your goals. Through coaching, you will develop skills and tools to support you to live a life of greater contribution and ease.

By focusing on what’s most important to you at this time of your life, your dreams can begin to become reality and life starts getting easier.

When is the Best Time to Invest in Professional Coaching?

Top executives and professionals have long understood the value of having a professional coach to support them in their continued success.

Perhaps you have not yet worked with a coach. Here are some key times to consider hiring a coach:
  • You have recently received a promotion
  • Significant changes are occurring in your profession or business
  • You are frequently stressed or exhausted
  • You are considering a career change
  • You are striving to meet major goals
  • You have lost passion for your work
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