What is Monkey Mind?

"Monkey mind" is a term used to refer to that chatter of worry, fear, and doubt that we hear in our heads. Directed at ourselves or others, monkey mind can rob us of all enthusiasm for our goals.

Monkey mind includes criticism, judgment, and blame. It can sound like this:
"People will find out I'm a fraud."
"I'll never have enough time."
"This is going to be a disaster."
"It’s entirely their fault."
All of our excuses and justifications for not keeping our promises are forms of monkey mind. Monkey mind can distract us, confuse us, and exhaust us. For a team, monkey mind can be very contagious.

Monkey mind gets extraordinarily loud when we experience change, an approaching deadline, or something deeply meaningful to us. When we experience monkey mind, we might feel "stuck," overwhelmed, or even as though our entire survival is at stake.

Everyone has monkey mind. It's a part of being human, and it never goes away. The key for successful people is to learn to recognize monkey mind and then to shift the focus of attention to small, powerful actions toward meaningful goals.

Professional coaching provides tools and skills to help successful people to move in the direction of their goals, no matter how loud monkey mind gets.

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