Your relationship with your coach is professional, confidential, and empowering.

Here’s what you can expect:

Clarity About the Terms of Your Coaching Relationship
You will have a written agreement with Susan which sets forth the terms upon which you have agreed to coach including confidentiality, duration, frequency, payment, and whether the coaching will be by phone or in person.

Coaching By Phone or Face to Face
Many clients coach only by phone. This can be due to your coach being in a different city, to save time, or as a matter of preference.

If you are coaching by phone, you will call Susan at the scheduled time. If you are seeing Susan face to face coaching will be at her office unless otherwise agreed. Coaching for teams ordinarily occurs at the business site.

You Set the Agenda
You decide what you want to get from your coaching. Susan will provide you with the coaching, skills, and tools to reach your objectives. Susan’s coaching is custom designed to meet your needs and to help you reach goals that are meaningful to you.

Susan will support you to remain focused on your objectives for your coaching experience. Whether it is leadership development, reduced stress, or improving communication skills, Susan will keep you on track.

Discovery of Your Answers
If you are unclear about the direction in which you are headed or are unsure about the next step to take, Susan will support you to find your answers. Through powerful questions, Susan will help you to clearly see your path ahead and how to move forward on it.

Susan’s coaching presumes that all of your goals will be based upon your values and on who you are called to be. She will provide you with tools that ensure your actions are in keeping with your personal values and what is meaningful to you.